Country Life 25 January 2023

Country Life 25 January 2023 looks at oak trees, eccentrics, Shetland wool and an artist’s paradise on the French Riviera.

Take a bough

A single oak is home to myriad species, shelter to more and succour for others. John Lewis-Stempel looks at a day in the life of our noblest tree

In a league of their own

From riding crocodiles to marrying stones, gold turbans to cold baths, the great British eccentric is a species apart, discovers Claire Jackson

To dig or not to dig

Mark Diacono lays down his spade with relief, for the sake of his soil and his back

The Duke of Buccleuch’s favourite painting

The president of the Georgian Group picks an intriguing scene

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Jack Watkins watches Charles Frend’s The Cruel Sea, the war film devoid of empty glamour

Water, water everywhere

John Lewis-Stempel sloshes through the flooded fields to save a sodden sheep

A monument to enthusiasm

In the second of two articles, Marcus Binney delves into the astonishing interiors of Fawley Hill in Buckinghamshire

Native breeds

Kate Green salutes the Oxford Sandy and Black pig

You greedy gannet!

The epithet may not be flattering, but the gannet deserves more admiration, for its awesome diving technique and family values, reveals Ian Morton

From sheep to shop

Annika Purdey traces the route taken by soft Shetland wool to become the top-quality tweed clothing her company produces


Colourful coats and marquetry, Matthew Williamson’s favourite things and motoring watches


A light-filled kitchen and the tactile joy of wooden objects

Mediterranean masterpiece

Kathryn Bradley-Hole explores Les Colombières, an artist’s paradise on the French Riviera

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson tries endives