Country Life 28 June 2023

Country Life 28 June 2023 looks at making hay, traditional hardware stores and the artists who headed for West Sussex looking for country life.

Sprung from the earth

Bronwen Riley takes a step back in time at The Newt in Somerset and marvels at the reconstruction of a Romano-British villa

Nature’s towers of strength

From the pulling power of a dung beetle to the grip of an eagle, Harry Pearson is outmuscled by the world’s strongest animals

Their way to heaven

Russell Higham uncovers the group of artists and thinkers who sought out ‘a country life worth living’ in West Sussex

Don’t worry, be appy

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Will Fisher’s favourite painting

The Jamb founder chooses an exotic and all-consuming work

Native breeds

Kate Green on the poultry pride of Derbyshire — Redcap chickens

Hay, good looking

John Lewis-Stempel makes hay while the sun shines — dodging a deluge to gather in all the bales

Open all hours

Catherine Larner goes in search of four candles (and fork handles) at beloved local hardware stores

Finally meeting my Waterloo

Julie Harding joins the commuters as Britain’s busiest railway station celebrates its 175th anniversary


Holiday hand-luggage luxuries with Hetty Lintell, plus a few of Cath Kidston’s favourite things


Amelia Thorpe talks blue hues — and their perfect partners — with leading interior designers, while The Designer’s Room looks at a blue room in a riverside home

A dream fulfilled at last

Helena Gerrish hails the rescue of landmark gardens at Mounton House in Monmouthshire, Wales

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on redcurrants

Chasing pavements

John Hoyland reveals how you can encourage ‘cheeky’ plants to grow in gaps between paving

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