Country Life 29 September 2021

Country Life 29 September 2021 looks at trees, dog training and re-lives the Age of Steam.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

STEAM MASTER: Jack Watkins pays tribute to Richard Trevithick, the unsung hero of the Age of Steam.

THE ART OF TREES: Trees, standing in lone majesty, long lines or lush forest, are an artist’s dream. Laura Gascoigne meets the new Arborealists.

DOG TRAINING: Paula Lester and her labrador, Nimrod, learn from the master: Ben Randall.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Marine Tanguy’s choice: a painting forged in fire.

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CONSERVATION: The effective work of the late conservationist Philip Wayre is being continued in the North Pennines, discovers Robin Page.

MODERNIST MARVEL: Modernist country houses may have been dismissed as ugly, but they deserve a second look, believes Adrian Tinniswood.

INTERIORS: Botanical walls and bright tables.

GARDENS: The surroundings of Batcombe, Somerset, inspired its gardens, reveals Natasha Goodfellow.

RECIPE: Kitchen garden cook Melanie Johnson on blackberries.

And much more.