Country Life 3 August 2022

Country Life 3 August 2022 pays a visit to the exquisite Holkham Hall, celebrates the new age of bronze sculptures, and finds out what to do with a three-acre meadow.

The spirit of the age

In the first of two articles, John Goodall explores Holkham Hall in Norfolk, the apotheosis of a grand gentleman’s seat

The new bronze age

Across the land, compelling modern sculptures, from hares to minotaurs, are catching the eye, finds Anna Tyzack

My field of dreams

Former gamekeeper Simon Lester shows what can be done for Nature in his wildlife-abundant three-acre meadow

Sweet with the evening rain

Few scents are more evocative than petrichor, but what is the science behind the magic? Martin Fone investigates

London Life

Prince Albert, a trail of statues in the east, ice creams for all and Zeb Soanes’s secret city

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1970s Notebook

Melanie Bryan on what topics made the pages of Country Life, from printers’ strikes to Red Rum and a cheeky pheasant

The fire this time

Carla Carlisle grows to fear the advance of wind-whipped flames

Rachel Trevor-Morgan’s favourite painting

The royal milliner chooses an enchanting Society portrait


Jack Watkins admires the work of countryman and naturalist artist Charles Tunnicliffe


An airy kitchen and stylish stools

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell goes for gingham

Planting stories

Author Justine Picardie’s Old Rectory, Norfolk, designed with Chelsea winner Jo Thompson, is a haven full of stories

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson bakes with fresh, juicy raspberries

Friend or foe?

The instinctive reaction on seeing yellow ragwort is to pull it up, but should we be so quick to judge, asks Ian Morton

And much more.