Country Life 30 October 2019

Country Life 30 October 2019 covers how to live sustainably, visits a great house in Cumbria and discovers Britain's beetles.

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MEET THE BEETLES: Britain has 4,000 different types of beetle — David Tomlinson picks out 18 of them,

JAMES THORNTON: The environmental lawyer speaks to Clive Aslet.

GREEN LIGHT: How to heat and light your home sustainably.

THE GOOD LIFE: How to grow all your own vegetables.

ANIMAL MAGIC: A Bagot goat.

HAILE HALL: John Martin Robertson visits the Cumbrian house.

ELECTRIC JAGUAR: The I-Pace gets the Country Life test.

GARDENS: The pumpkins of Eythorpe.

PROPERTY: A glorious ‘forever home’ in Oxfordshire.