Country Life 9 November 2022

Country Life 9 November 2022 looks at shire horses, onions, wool, and as our monarch approaches his 74th birthday, celebrates the life of King Charles III and looks at what sort of king he will be.

For King and country

Matthew Dennison considers Charles III’s major contribution to the countryside on the eve of His Majesty’s 74th birthday

Let’s hear it for The King

Anna Tyzack speaks to those who have met the monarch

Bring in the heavyweights

The future looks bright for the dependable, eco-friendly Shire horse, discovers Julie Harding l


Jack Watkins assesses the influence of A Shropshire Lad

A point of honour

The idiosyncrasies of British orders, medals and decorations are explained by John F. Mueller

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The beat of a million wings

Simon Lester is mesmerised by the spectacle of the shape-shifting starling murmuration

Clare Moriarty’s favourite painting

The chief executive of Citizens Advice is captivated by 40,000 terracotta figures in Dublin

Begone, dull care

Fiona Reynolds’s pilgrimage to the most northerly beach on the west coast of Britain

A forest lawn renewed

John Martin Robinson marvels at the transformation of Wakefield Little Lodge, Northamptonshire

The music of grief

The comforting and emotive qualities of the choral requiem are examined by Claire Jackson

Squid’s in

Tom Parker Bowles revels in the myriad delights of calamari

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell looks at bags that work hand in hand with Nature


Illuminating ideas to brighten the home and the wonders of wool

Given the green light

Tiffany Daneff finds a tapestry of foliage in a city back garden

‘Here I must remain’

A statue of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge is unveiled in Devon, reveals his five-times great-nephew Nicholas Coleridge

A storm in an egg cup

Catriona Gray examines the history of the humble holder