Country Life January 4 2017

Country Life January 4 2017 celebrates our 120th birthday. Find out more here:

OUR 120TH BIRTHDAY: Michael Hall reveals the high standards set by COUNTRY LIFE’s first Editor, Edward Hudson, and how his extraordinary vision has led to 120 years of success

GARDENS: Tim Longville is bowled over by a scientist’s careful creation of a new rural garden in Cotleigh, east Devon

INTERIORS: A modest terraced house in Cambridge preserves an extraordinary series of interiors decorated by David Parr, reports Michael Hall

THE LONDON CABBIE: The chirpy London taxi driver who knows everything is under pressure as never before, finds Nick Hammond

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ALIEN CREATURES: Some non-native species are definitely more welcome than others. We rate their attractiveness and usefulness, from the delightful to the downright pests

THE WALKING CANE: The walking cane is stylish and practical, says Robin Dutt

SHOOTING: Adrian Dangar heads to the Isle of Lewis to partake in the ancient art of shooting woodcock over pointers

MOTORING: On an unintentionally solo 10-hour drive to the Highlands, Mark Hedges luxuriates in the style, power and sheer comfort of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn

COOKING: Melanie Johnson rejuvenates the humble potato

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