Country Life March 1 2017

Country Life March 1 2017 features the man who made mazes; chess sets; a bluffer’s guide to education; and the top 10 girls’ schools. Find out more here:

ARCHITECTURE: Lyddington Palace in Rutland offers a unique insight into grand domestic life in 1500, as John Goodall explains

MAZES: Clive Aslet unravels the remarkable story of Randoll Coates, maker of extraordinary mazes

WILDLIFE: Simon Lester provides the essential guide to the raptor, the bird group that holds us in rapture

LIBERTY PRINTS: Liberty prints have managed to stay in fashion for more than a century, discovers Matthew Dennison

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CHESS: Matthew Dennison reveals how chess won an enduring place in British culture

INTERIORS: Step into comfort and luxury as we explore the carpet’s comeback and the finest flooring

CIGARS: Bolivar wonders whether it’s worth chasing all the special regional editions manufacturers release

COOKING: Melanie Johnson’s warming celeriac soup is delicious

SCHOOLS: Lucy Higginson knows her CAT from her G&T, Ysenda Maxton-Graham reports on how girls’ schools have changed, and Martha Terry wonders whether boarding is better.

PROPERTY: Penny Churchill finds the perfect mix of Classical with contemporary and Annunciata Walton selects houses that offer a grand entrance

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