Discounted holidays, villa rentals and ski chalets on new premium travel website is a new website providing a trading platform where members can buy and sell high-value premium goods from vintage wine to holidays and ski chalets. The site is the brainchild of Nick Ackerman, a former financial derivatives broker who came up with the idea of online ‘haggling’ which allows would-be buyers to make a bid and then raise it, and would-be sellers to lower their price – an idea Mr Ackerman brought from his experience in the City, where he learned from the way staff members in the City make use of intranets to buy and sell concert tickets and holidays they can no longer make use of.

This website is intended for those looking to buy or sell premium products in a trusted environment: buyers can offer what they think the product is worth and sellers can look at their offer and either accept it or propose a new price. This can literally apply to anything, although the site has quickly become a popular place for users to find fantastic value holiday rentals. In the current political climate, many more overseas property owners are considering renting their properties, and cutting out an agent and other middle men is a particularly appealing element of the website.

Commission on comes after the point of sale, and is a small amount of the price of the product on a sliding scale.

Registering to become a member is free and easy, although would-be sellers have to go through a short qualification process. There is a minimum list price of £100 for all items which eliminates any junk products. Once you’re a member there are also many offers to take advantage of including discounts on luxury villas and hotels, tailoring and health spa memberships.

Some of the recent items on offer through the website were the famous CK Verbier chalets at a significantly discounted price and holidays to the Royal Palm Mauritius.

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