How to go camping without tears

It is already obvious that many more people are holidaying in Britain this summer. A combination of financial insecurity and the promise of a hot summer have encouraged many to forego the trauma of cheap air travel and to embrace our native outdoors.

Follow our top tips to ensure your camping trip goes as swimmingly as possible, after all, you can’t be held responsible for the weather!

1. Choose a good tent. Many are cheaper than you think but get one you can stand up in which is waterproof and has a ground sheet. You could consider an old-fashioned style bell tent, it looks good, too.

2.  Be adventurous and ask a farmer if you can camp on his land. You will be surprised how welcoming some can be.

3. Preparation is everything. Take plenty of cool boxes/bags to keep food (and drink!) fresh and cold

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4. Insect repellent is crucial, citronella candles can help.

5. Light and lamps are also essential – you can’t have too many. Torches are vital and there are some very good wind up lamps that don’t need batteries

6. Camp fires really make a summer evening but make sure that you clear an area so that vegetation does not catch light. Build a circle of stones to contain the wood and charcoal. Gather dead wood for burning, but check with the landowner first

7. Make sure that an easily accessible latrine area is sited away from the tents.

8. Take some good books that can be ready by the camp fire. Ghost stories are good but may keep the younger members awake all night.

9. Decorate your camp site with bunting. It contributes to a sense of well being.