Boris Johnson’s recipe for cheese on toast -‘grill until it gets all nice and scabby’-and Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s for chocolate sauce are among the contributions to The Eton Cookbook (Phillimore & Co, £25) compiled by Caroline Waldegrave and Sandra Robinson.

The 200 contributors include masters, parents and old Etonians, such as the explorer Bear Grylls, who offers Huckleberry Chocolate Pie, actor Eddie Redmayne (slow-cooked Italian lamb), MP Tam Dalyell (West Lothian Porridge) and the Duke of Kent (fish soup). Former Minister William Waldegrave tackles the ‘Eton Mess’ issue: ‘Whenever I find “Eton Mess” on the menu, I become irritable and pedantic. “There is no such thing!” I cry. There is such a thing as a Strawberry Mess, and such a thing as a Banana Mess and very good they were, too.”


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