Name: Sensi
Age: 1 – 2 years
Breed: Mongrel (Cross)
Reference: 12/20578

Sensi is an active and confident girl who is also social and affectionate. She loves playing with toys and will happily carry or play with a tennis ball for hours. Sensi has some lovely training in place including house training and has shown the team here at Battersea that  she does have the potential to excel should her owners wish to further her obedience.

Sensi mixes nicely with other dogs and shows good social skills, so she could possibly live with another dog that complements her character and can live with teenagers too.

Sensi shows many traits that are typical of the collie breed, including high intelligence and energy levels, so her new owners should have some experience of understanding her breed and appreciate all that is required of owning an active dog.

Once settled in Sensi will become a fun and wonderful family pet. To find out more about rehoming Sensi please call 01784 494443 or email

  • Dr Jan Rawlins

    Sensi looks and sounds lovely and I am sure she is. I think it’s wonderful advertising as you do. I live and work in NZ now but when we lived in the UK (my homeland ) our family dogs have always come from BDH and they have always been wonderful happy dogs and great companions. You all do a great job , simply the best. Thank you . Hope Sensi finds a wonderful country home. Dr Jan