Defra says the pilot badger culls this autumn have prepared the ground for a four-year cull, despite the number of animals shot falling far short of Natural England’s figures-perhaps unsurprisingly, due to the combination of the unpredictability of a wild animal and reported incidents of interference by protesters.

Defra, which is running a consultation on restricting cattle movement, says the culls were designed to show that controlled shooting is ‘safe, humane and effective’. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has praised the farmers involved, ‘often in difficult weather and in the face of intimidation by a small minority who resorted to widespread criminality’.

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By August this year, 22,512 cattle had been slaughtered because of bovine TB. ‘The countries that have successfully reduced bovine TB have tackled it in both cattle and wildlife,’ says Mr Paterson. ‘We are committed to doing this, too, but it will require considerable national resolve.’ The RSPCA’s anti-
cull advertisement using the word ‘exterminate’ has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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  • marie

    So carl gray of gloscon the company responsible for this complete shambles and the murder of hundreds of badgers states,marksmen were being confronted on footpaths too.WHAT where they doing on footpaths with lethal weapons ??? he goes on to say the humaneness criteria of the culls has been completly vindicated.WRONG i was there i heard the scream of the badger as it was shot i heard the dogs savaging it .DONT TELL ME THIS IS HUMANE.YOU DISGUST ME.

  • sheri

    Easy, they make it up as they go along! Like the government does with the ‘law’.
    They are all corrupt!
    I would trust the mafia more than our stinking, scum led government!!
    They don’t know what they are doing the bunch of puppets!!

  • Anne Skene

    How can Defra commit to four more years of cull of badgers BEFORE the report of the independent panel release their report to MPs and the public, ie the people whose taxes are paying for the actual cull, the policing and the compensation paid to farmers for slaughter of cattle.