For back issues of Country Life magazine going back until three years ago, please telephone John Denton Services on +44 01733 385 170 or email

For issues and articles older than this and pictures from the magazine please telephone the Country Life Photographic Library who can provide reproductions of old articles. Email or call +44 (0)1252 555 090/1/2.

  • David Line

    In the Daily Telegraph today (13 June 2014)
    was an article relating to the Country Life magazine cover showing a photograph of
    Miss Ella Clark.

    The issue date is not clear and whilst it appears to be a June issue, I cannot find it for my wife, in local supermarkets.

    Are you able to still supply the issue and if so,
    would you kindly advise me as to cost, including postage – or the issue date, if a local
    stockist is able to order it for me.

    Many thanks, David Line (Ashford, Kent)

  • paul russell

    hi i would to get hold of the country life magazine that featured 62 the bank in barnstalpe north devon somewhere between 1998 and 2003..hope you can help me.thanks

  • John Hancox

    I would like to get hold of a photo copy of the article featuring Blackmoor House in hampshire which appeared in Country Life in September 1974.

  • hamilton

    I want to obtain two copies of Country Life Magazine 30th Oct issue. Have tried various sites none of which are any help

  • Ann Pearson

    I would like to avail myself of your October offer for a subscription with free Joules wellies but can no longer find my magazine, please could you send details of this offer before it expires.

    Many thanks

    Ann Pearson

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    I would like to get hold of a copy of country life published ,I think in the mid-eighties with a picture of Wellwick House in Buckinghamshire on the front cover. This is an Elizabethan house with a Georgian Frontage. I believe it was on the market at the time.
    With thanks,
    Elizabeth Griffin

  • Helen Burgess

    I am the churchwarden at Great Warley church which featured in the 7th August edition. I would be most grateful to have a copy of the page with the article.
    Many thanks
    Helen Burgess

  • Mark Gammage

    I understand that an article about our house featured a few years ago (more than 7 years ago) and I wanted to get a copy of the article
    The house is
    Old Mead Road
    CM22 6JG

    Thank you

  • Suzanne Croucher

    I would like to purchase a copy of an article/or the magazine published in September 1967 . the article I am particularly interested in refers to Thomas and William Smith huntsmen to the Brocklesby hounds Circa 1776
    please advise if this is possible and the cost to be incurred

  • Kate Harding

    In your interiors section of your magazine in the spring/summer of 2011 you ran a small article about an English girl based in France who designed fabrics with a whimiscal French/Parisian theme to them with poodles, ducks, French women at cafes, and forties French women walking with their dogs. Would you know the name of the fabric company and how I could contact them?
    I would be so grateful.
    Many thanks
    Kate Harding

  • David Chapman

    I would like to purchase a copy of an article published in February/March 1953 dealing with the Great Storm of January 31 of that year. The article as I remember it dealt with the storm surge causing hundreds of 17th century ALE BOTTLES to be washed up on the coast of Norfolk and the possible source of those bottles