The sweetly scented, creamy-white flowers of the elder tree appear in abundance at the beginning of summer and the light, delicate taste of hand-picked elderflowers perfectly capture the essence of warm summer days.

elderflower recipesThe pretty flower heads can be combined with citric acid to make delicious cordial, which in turn makes a useful ingredient for adding to sauces and jellies.

They can be used to flavour cooked fruit and jam and make a sound match with gooseberries, which are in season at the same time as elderflowers.

Here are our favourite recipes with elderflower.

Elderflower cordial - home made

How to make elderflower cordial and wine

The English summer is thought to start when the elder blossoms and ends when the berries ripen. Country Life recommends some recipes for this versatile plant.

elderflower cordial recipe

Elderflower cordial recipe

Elderflower cordial is one of the most rewarding and easiest things to make. Grab a basket and get picking.