11 of the best accessories for dogs and their owners

Your four-legged friend deserves to step out in style, says Hetty Lintell.

Dogs have inspired design, art and music for centuries — at the end of The Beatles’ A Day in the Life, a high-pitched dog whistle was recorded by Paul McCartney for his sheepdog.

I’m definitely not saying that a dog is an accessory, but there have certainly been many accessories designed for them. If it happens that these please an owner’s eye, too, then that’s just fine.

Barbour coat

Dog coat, £49,95, Barbour
0800 917 3000; www.barbour.com

Dog bed

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Dog bed, £219, Red Dog Company
0808 196 1400; www.thereddogcompany.com

Bulldog corkscrew

Bulldog corkscrew, £260, Deakin & Francis
01212 367751; www.deakinandfrancis.com

Hound head decanter

Hound head decanter, £3,550, Asprey
020–7493 6767; www.asprey.com

Paw print bracelet

Paw print bracelet, £550, Kiki Mcdonough

020–7730 3323; www.kiki.co.uk

Dog carrier

Dog carrier, £120, Suzy’s

020–3608 7593; www.suzysdogfashion.co.uk

Diamond and ruby brooch

Diamond and ruby brooch, £7,450, Susannah Lovis

020–7493 2008; www.susannahlovis.com

Dog tag

Dog tag, £54.50, Mungo & Maud
020–7022 1207; www.mungoandmaud.com


Cufflinks, £7,500,Theo Fennell
020–7591 5000; www.theofennell.com

Personalised dog bowl

Personalised dog bowl, £150, The Oak & Rope Company

01227 469413; www.theoakandropecompany.co.uk

Collar and lead in brown trout

Collar and lead in brown trout, £45,95, Orvis
0333 400 4177; www.orvis.co.uk