Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life Episode 3

For almost 120 years Country Life magazine has captured the British obsession with our architecture, gardens and landscape. Filmmaker Jane Treays spent a year going down lanes, turning corners, through front doors to discover the world of the magazine and the meaning of beauty to people in the countryside.

From a romantic Manor House in Somerset, stepped in WW1 history to fishing the silvery waters of North Uist, and stamping the grouse moors of Scotland, the editorial team still have time to find the Gentleman of the Year and Britain’s Naughtiest Dog, eventually tracked down in a Wiltshire Valley.

Landscape is undervalued and under threat…. When we dream of the landscape, what do we dream of and how do we keep that dream alive?

•       Harry Parsons, Sealyham terriers, Devon
•       History of CL, Edward Hudson, clock
•       Mells, Lord Oxford, Clive Aslet
•       Gentleman of the Year
•       Simon and Paula Lester, Langholm, game keeping
•       Mark Hedges, David Profumo, fishing, North Uist
•       Simon and Jo Murray, solar panels, Glos
•       Naughtiest Dog in Britain – Rabbit
•       Plus Kathryn Goodison, Bruce Johnston, Roy Strong…. Jilly Cooper, Ollie Pritchett, David Morgan Hewett

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