How to make bunting

Making bunting for the village fete or just a summer party is easier than you think when you follow our top tips.

Whether you’re planning a summer garden party or decorating for the village fete why not consider saving money and impressing the guests by making your own bunting?

If you have cupboards full of old fabric cut-offs going to waste, you can bring them back to life with this summer’s hottest trend. Follow this simple method which the whole family can get involved with.

Firstly it helps to cut a cardboard template of the triangle size you’d like to use. You can guess this or even use difference sizes if you want your bunting to look extra quirky!

  • Collect lots of old or new fabrics, the brighter the better (often contrasting colours work well).
  • Ironing two fabrics together back-to-back with double sided fusible interfacing really cuts down the task as you instantly have the double-sided bunting fabric without the hassle of sewing.
  • Cut out your triangles from the double-sided fabrics, mixing and matching as much as possible looks the best!

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Top tip: When cutting your fabric use pinking shears instead of scissors. This helps to prevent the edges of your fabric fraying.

  • Next get a long piece of thick ribbon or a thick strip of fabric (in a complimentary colour) and pin each triangle equidistant from each other along it fold this over the tip of the triangles and sew along to secure triangles into the length of ribbon or fabric. This is easier with a sewing machine but it can be done by hand.
  • Lastly run and iron over it to smooth out the stitching and any creases.
  • Now you can hang your bunting wherever takes your fancy, around a front door, above a fireplace or round a table.

Top tip: You can even make your bunting out of different shapes, such as circles, rectangles or you can even try hearts.

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