Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life Episode 1

A synopsis of episode one of the documentary series Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life

For almost 120 years, Country Life magazine has been aspiring to capture the elusive soul of the British countryside from muddy fields to stately homes. Jane Treays spent a year filming with the magazine exploring the lives of those who’ve been bred into the land, inherited it or have simply bought into its dreams.

From a ‘girl in pearls’ shoot in Yorkshire, to a historic mansion in Dorset, via Lindisfarne castle and a family farm in Somerset, this series captures the glory and eccentricity of the men and women who live the rural life.

The countryside is under threat from urban values… Rural dwellers are asking who runs the countryside and what can be done to protect it?

The documentary features the following people and interviews in episode one.

  •       Ella and Ian Fortune in a classic frontispiece shoot for the magazine
  •       History of Country Life
  •       Simon Jenkins, interviwed about his time at the magazine
  •       Rupert Uloth, Deputy Editor visits the Bath & West Show
  •       Maurice Durbin, dairy farmer is struggling with TB in his herd in Somerset
  •       Iain Whyte, vet to Mr Durbin’s cows
  •       Phillip Mansel at his home, Smedmore House with Architectural Editor Dr John Goodall and Jeremy Musson
  •       Clive Aslet goes Swan UPping and David Barber, Master of the Swans – need pub date
  •       Judith Hussey at her home Manston, in Dorset is preparing to open her garden for an NGS Open Day
  •      Editor Mark Hedges visits Lindisfarne, which has strong links to the history of Country Life

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