Medieval gatehouse, Yorkshire

The aim of the project was to restore an extremely important building – there are relatively few surviving Medieval Gatehouses in the country, and even less in the North of England and it is the only reminder of a larger group of Medieval buildings that orignally stood on and around the site. ? for use as well as historical interest. It has has stood empty for most of the 20th century and all of the 21st. The village has remained proud of it however, and were responsible for its restoration in the 1970s. Although recognised by English Heritage as a ‘building at risk’, it was structurally sound before its restoration by the Vivat Trust. The greatest threats were its lack of use, and maintenance and the increasing decay caused by the hard materials used in the 1970’s restoration. A low key scheme- the value of the building contract was 176k- has aimed to reinstate its original character. Diamond leaded windows replace those of the 1970s, the impervious materials have been replaced with lime based ones, the roof tiles were replaced where necessary, and insulation and heating were installed, with a kicthen and shower room on the ground floor. As a Vivat holiday property, the building provides accomodation for two adults but it will also be made available for local community events outside of bookings, and for open days and school parties. The two part time jobs its new use requires and the local spend that will be generated by the holiday guests, will support the local economy.