Mild Autumn Keeps Market Warm

The latest survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has found that house prices rose at their fastest rate since the end of last year in September, as more buyers entered the market during the mild weather.

The organisation said that 49% more surveyors in England and Wales saw a rise in people looking to buy, up from 16% in August and 11% in July.

They also found that 20% more surveyors saw prices rise in their area rather than fall.

Housing spokesman Jeremy Leaf said: ‘We would expect to see more activity in September as people turn their attention away from summer pursuits and focus on moving house, but this year it has picked up more than usual.

‘There seems to be an increasing demand for middle market housing in desirable areas across the country and buyers are snapping up these properties quickly.’

RICS also said that prices in the south east and south west were looking healthier, with only surveyors in East Anglia reporting price falls.

Summing up the findings, Mr Leaf continued: ‘In general, we are seeing signs of a tilt back towards a sellers’ market.’