Mitsubishi Shogun

In 1982 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation launched a brand new type of car: a four-wheel drive car which claimed to be tough enough to work off-road yet also boasted loads of passenger car-style sophistication. Within a few months this brand new vehicle had proved just how tough it really was by winning the production class of what is generally acknowledged to be the most mechanically demanding motorsport event of them all ? the notorious Dakar rally! In Britain they called this car the Shogun ? a legend had been conceived.

Welcome to this the fourth generation of one of the world?s favourite, most successful and most enduring 4x4s. It is the strongest, quietest, safest and smartest Shogun ever built, with a sharp new body, refined new interior and even greater love for its job.

It?s never easy to redesign an icon. This Shogun is a powerful testament to the benefits of evolution. It looks strangely the same yet notably different; it builds upon the technological breakthroughs of recent years but they are revised and improved; it is, somehow, reassuringly familiar, yet three-quarters of its parts are completely new. In short, the icon is reborn.