Prestige MLS plans April Congress

Prestige MLS is a relatively new company set up to connect real estate agents all over the world operating at the top end, and to create a portal for those searching for high-end international properties to buy. Already Prestige has signed up 120 leading agents in 22 different countries to their Business Club, and they are looking to expand, finding both those who are selling and those who are buying these houses.

It’s a bold new idea, and CEO Jean-Laurent Lepeu has explained that they intend to go on growing and connecting agents across the world, to find ways of co-operating. Founded in Europe, the company has grown largely through word of mouth and has many European members, but they also have people running companies as members of their Business Club from further afield.

Emerging markets are a big part of international real estate at the present time, confirms Mr Lepeu, and he says they will be focusing on the future in counties like China and Brazil, from where a good deal of potential buyers of European property are found.

He also flags up Dubai, Costa Rica and Singapore as spots to watch as investment ideas – for instance Dubai looks like its on the up again, while Singapore continues to post impressive price growth over a long term period.

The Business Club created by Prestige MLS isn’t just estate agents, but is also for architects, lawyers and everyone involved in international real estate. Everyone has knowledge they can share about different parts of the business, and sharing advice is still one of the most valuable parts, Mr Lepeu stresses.

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The company has also built a state-of-the-art online property portal where users can search for luxury property for sale all over the world, by country, area and zip code.

A brilliant way of bringing everyone in the Business Club together is at the Annual Congress. ‘This year the members are convening at the W Hotel in Barcelona in April to share information about markets, listings and customers,’ explains Mr Lepeu. Three main presentations will be given: an overview of the markets, an annual market report and a talk on the importance of appraisals – we are approaching a new version of appraising a property.’

Prestige MLS is still inviting new members, and its useful reports on international real estate are accessible for anyone who’s interested in these learnings; you can also read their blog here. Find out more on their website  

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