Updown Court on sale for £70m

The most expensive property ever to go on sale in the UK is being put on the market this week.

Lying within 58 acres of parkland next to the quiet village of Windlesham in Surrey, Updown Court is a resplendent new country house boasting the style of Britain’s grandest stately homes together with the cutting edge technology.

Priced at £70million, the property is thought to be the most expensive ever put on the market in the UK. But what will this unprecedented price tag buy?

From the heated marble driveway to the five heated swimming pools, this property is truly luxurious and state of the art.

Almost everything within the house’s 103 rooms is controlled by a central computer system which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Updown Court’s beauty is also in its detail, from the exquisite mosaic in one of the indoor pools to the sweeping main staircases, replicas of the ones in Versace’s home in Miami, which lead up to a galleried landing on the first floor.

The property, which is arranged into four main buildings, sits within over 12 acres of landscaped gardens and 46 acres of mature private woodland. The grounds are carefully divided into different areas to appeal to all tastes, and include formal gardens, a dramatic lake with a 10 metre fountain, formal lawns and several ponds. Paved pathways lead through the gardens and run alongside an ornamental stream.

Windlesham is located within Surrey’s ‘golden triangle’ (Runnymede, Ascot and Weybridge), just 28 miles from central London and 20 minutes by car from Heathrow airport.

Guy Robinson from handling estate agents Savills said: ‘It’s an enormous house, the first very large property to be built outside London for many years.

Mr Robinson believes the market could be large: ‘It is aimed specifically at the top-end super rich, someone who wishes to make a very big statement. There are around 600 known billionaires in the world, with and estimated further 600 who we don’t know about,’ he said.

Mr Robinson believes facilities alone should attract plenty of buyer attention: ‘If you look at how the super-rich live today, they have many properties throughout the world. When they are in those properties they demand fantastic facilities, and this property has all the extras. Whatever happens, this will be a landmark sale,’ he said.