Country mouse on counting your blessings

If I’d done a bit more work at university, I would now be a geologist. But back in 1985, the price of oil was less than $10 dollars a barrel, and the last thing any of the petroleum companies wanted was an average geologist when even the good ones could barely get jobs. There was no desire to find more of the black stuff. I was offered a job mud-logging in Uganda and said no. Now, oil’s $135 a barrel. If only I’d worked harder…

When I was born, my great-grandfather bought me £500 of premium bonds. He could have bought me a house for as much. The average house in
Britain is now worth £184,798. My premium bonds are still worth £500, although I’ve won £50 twice.

A lunatic rammed my car last Wednesday night as he was racing to get back to watch the football; why me, I thought. But all these thoughts are very dull. ‘If’ is the most boring prospect in the world. Life isn’t about if; it’s about making things happen. Besides, who would want to work in Uganda, my premium bond may come up trumps this weekend, and if the lunatic had been going even faster, it could have been more than the car that got hurt.