Country Mouse on his Lucas terrier

Just when it seemed that we couldn’t get any busier in the run-up to Christmas, Cracker, our younger Lucas terrier, came on heat. So on top of the annual crescendo of making enough cheese for the Christmas market, the Nativity plays and the carol services, Mrs Hedges then had to make a dash to London to pick up George Lucas Green. George is the celebrated Casanova of his breed. He’s owned by Henrietta Green, who single-handedly kick-started our love affair with farmer’s markets and the like.

George’s reputation as an expert in the bedroom department turns out to be no under-statement. Little Anna Hedges studied the mating assiduously before announcing that it was very different from what the goats did. She is, of course, right but not a lot of people know that. Sex education is much simpler for parents who live in the countryside.

For the first time in our lives, we ended up with a dog sleeping on our bed, but George behaves like the James Bond of the canine world. He knows what he wants and exactly how to get it. We are all slightly in awe of him.