Country Mouse on Land Rovers

Many people love a leisurely drive in the countryside, but for the British Event team, a kamikaze, adrenaline-fuelled drive across country through rivers and obstacles is what really hits the mark (see page 110). I went to Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire, where Land Rover had invited them to tackle some of the UK’s most challenging terrain near the splendid Malvern Hills. As the world’s worst backseat driver, I endured white-knuckle rides as the team experienced a different form of horsepower.

Looking at the obstacles on foot (there was an equestrian theme, with show jumps, water combinations, stairs and trailers), it all seemed fairly straightforward. That was until I got in the car and we were taken plummeting down a steep riverbank into the water by the youngest team member of the day, Georgie Spence. Brave beyond her years, she proceeded to hare around the course Lewis Hamilton style.

Unexpectedly, I was given a go behind the wheel and was amazed. I never knew I had the guts to drive like that, and, as muddy water showered the windscreen and the car roared up an incredibly steep, rutted track, all I could think was: ‘I’ve got to get myself one of these.’