Sunday at church

Sunday September 6th, 1868

No going to morning church here, as most of us don’t summon resolution enough to get up much before ten-thirty, which is rather against attending ten o’clock service. Went however in the afternoon, in the most orthodox manner, and what’s more took Mr Creyke with me. Of course he was most assiduous in his attentions during our mile walk, but somehow, not withstanding his indisputable good looks, I don’t feel myself capable of getting up the even smallest interest for him; which is unpleasant in the extreme, seeing as there is no one else.

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After church May went (doubtless to discuss the sermon) amongst the rector’s rose bushes, with J. Ogle. Edith Wood and I following heedlessly to ask what was to be done about the carriage found them in a very affectionate attitude indeed: there is nothing like carrying out the very letter of the law, and the excellent discourse that we had been listening to was based on St John’s command ‘Little children love one another’.

Of course we got rather a sharp dismissal, with a reiteration of the order that we were to take the carriage ourselves and go home.

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