Town mouse on resolutions

Here’s hoping that this finds us all at the start of a bright new year. Every year, I resolve never to make any more resolutions, but for townies, there are some that we would do well to hold to. First of all, as the elections for the new London Mayor are looming, we would do well to carefully consider the candidates. Ken Livingstone, seven years in the job: pros would be the cheap bus fares, and, er…that’s it. Cons would be embarrassing trips to Cuba, the failure of the congestion charge despite ever-increasing boundaries and well, one can’t help remarking on it, a certain lack of charm. Winning the Olympics, the Oyster card and the new St Pancras International station are nothing to do with him, by the way.

On Boris Johnson’s side: pros are the charm (perhaps a little too much) and enthusiasm. Cons are an unfortunate outburst featuring the word ‘piccaninnies’, an inability to say anything positive about London other than being able to buy mango juice in the corner shop, and a shambolic approach that doesn’t bode well for the myriad responsibilities and challenges the city faces. Other resolutions? Be nice to your fellow townies. Please.