Town mouse on some cupcakes with a difference

The Country Life office runs on cake. Not a day goes by without baked goods appearing on the treat shelf (or ‘Cholesterol Corner’, to give it its proper name). Staff birthdays are traditionally marked with a caterpillar-shaped confection from the local Marks & Spencer and commissions are firmed up with contributors over slices of homemade Victoria sponge. Unsurprisingly, we all subscribe to our parent company’s dental-care scheme. Sometimes, we’re sent new products to try.

And this past week, following the huge success of our Best of Britain issue, we’ve taken delivery of goodies that echo its theme. As I type, the Architectural Editor is munching on the Wimbledon Centre Court scoreboard-icing wizards Biscuiteers have just launched a tennis-themed tin. On the other side of the room, a crowd has gathered around a box of chocolate cupcakes filled with Marmite from chic London bakery LOLA’s.

It sounds three stops short of Dagenham (Barking), but, strangely, it works.

This isn’t the first time the world’s most controversial condiment has had a whimsical moment during the Diamond Jubilee year, a limited-edition spread fit for a Queen was released: Ma’amite.

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