Town mouse on sporting heroes

London is on a winning   streak. Wimbledon fortnight was as wet as ever, but the weekend of finals brought not only sunshine after what seemed like 40 days and nights of rain but our first British winner in 20 years, Jamie Murray, one half of the mixed doubles’ winners. I thought he also did something to turn round the poor impression the rest of the world has of our men as gauche Lotharios, with touchy-feely behaviour with his (tennis) partner between serves (prompting giggles even from the sports commentators). News is also just in that the organisers of the Tour de France 2007 were delighted with London as the host of Stage One of the race and are likely to come back in 2012, to tie in with the Olympics.

The chance to cheer the new British cycling hopeful, Mark Cavendish, was worth the traffic chaos that ensued. Even a lad from Stevenage (in the suburbs of London, so I’ll just squeeze him in), Lewis Hamilton, has been speeding round the F1 tracks, British flags waving him on. If you want a sporting hero, it seems, the town is the place to look. Me? I’ll be on the sofa, watching the highlights.