Pro-hunting wristbands

The most fashionable way to wear your heart on your sleeve of late is to wear a wristband signalling allegiance to your cause. And the hunting fraternity, as usual, is right on the ball, and supporters now have a choice of how to show the world they want a repeal of hunt ban. Firstly, the Countryside Alliance has introduced a pro-hunting rubber wristband which is half red and half green and bears the message BAN THE BAN.

They are available from Alliance stands at point to points and county shows throughout the country or on their website –– for a voluntary donation of £10 for four.

Simon Hart says: ‘In recent months wrist bands have become increasingly popular as a cheap and highly visible way of supporting a cause, and we have already had a great response to our version. Not only are the wearers of our bands sending a clear message of their determination to fight the Hunting Act, but on a practical level they are contributing financially to our legal challenges, helping our campaign where it is most needed? wear your wristband and show your support for your sport!’

The second choice for the pro-hunting fashionista is a little more costly, and possibly for more refined tastes. Tim Kitney who runs the gift website has joined up with with two friends who are in PR to market a silver bangle which people can wear to show their support for hunting.

The proceeds from these bangles, which cost £25, are going towards different groups involved with trying to being about a repeal of the ban. Month by month, they plan to consider where the proceeds from sales will be best used and donate accordingly.

For the first month, all money raised is going towards the men who stormed the House of Commons last year during the debate on the hunting bill, and the ongoing legal fees they are incurring. Next month will likely be a different cause.

Otis Ferry, one of those due to appear at the High Court later this month, told that he was thrilled how much people are rallying round: ‘It just goes to show how the rural community is so bonded, that at times like this, everyone just comes together and supports each other,’ he said.

‘There is such pressure on so many people at this time – people are fighting for their livelihoods – and fundraising like this is crucial to the survival of hunting, and everything associated with it. I think it’s fantastic, and the guys are doing a wonderful job.’

Charles Hart, one of the architects of the bangle idea also thinks people in the countryside are united in a way which produces very strong bonds: ‘What we are looking at is a situation where it’s not the rich people who will be affected by this ban. Eventually, if they wanted, they can go off and do something else. ‘What we want to make sure of is that the people who will lose their jobs and their houses if a ban is not repealed don’t have to go through that heartbreak.’

Bangles and wristbands alike are selling like hotcakes by all accounts, so order yours quickly.