Rescue dogs August 2007

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has a long history of caring for dogs which have been abandoned or whose owners were unable to cope.

Unfortunately many dogs at Battersea arrived because their previous owners only considered what they wanted their dog to look like – not its background and behaviour patterns.

As a result Battersea has seen a rise in the number of pure breed dogs it receives as well as a rise in the number of dogs that need country homes.

The most popular dogs purchased by misinformed town dwellers are, incredibly, Border Collies. These dogs love mental and physical stimulation – they are literally bored silly in the city and need space and air and things to chase.

Other breeds unhappy with life in the city are Jack Russell Terriers (miniature whirlwinds), Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers (both have endless reserves of energy and stamina), Springer Spaniels (originally bred for retrieving they have energy and stamina reserves to rival the Labradors and Golden Retrievers) and Lurchers (a very strong chase instinct coupled with very bad recall means a three legged Lurcher in the city).

Battersea has also lately seen a rise in Japanese and American Akitas. These awe inspiring dogs were originally used as hunters in Japan, therefore they have a very low tolerance of other dogs and so need to move to an area with a low dog population.

These are examples of some of the breeds which are unhappy in the city, and over the next few months dogs like these will be looking for places to live where they are more at home, with loving owners who can give them the attention they need.

This month, the dogs needing immediate housing are Coco and Mikey.



5-7 years old

rescue dogsCoco is a grown up lady who needs to be handled properly

Coco is a 5-7 year old female Border Collie cross who came to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in August 2006.

Although initially a little aloof, Coco turns into a giggly, affectionate girl once she has built a bond with you. She likes to be heard and seems to enjoy the sound of her own voice! She spent time with the Behaviour Unit for her behaviours towards strangers and this has been worked on by the team. Coco has quite a complex manipulative character and needs owners who will not pander to her demands. Owners must be willing to follow advice given by the Behaviour Unit to ensure that these behaviours do not progress.

Coco is an older lady who is already quite set in her ways. She is quite active for her age and is looking for owners who will appreciate her larger than life character.

She needs owners who have experience with breeds such as Collies and German Shepherds and who have had dogs with strangers issues before and dealt with complex, manipulative characters. She can be very vocal so neighbours will need to be considered and a rural or semi-rural environment with a garden for training is essential.

Coco is at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home London. Please call the Behaviour Unit on 020 7627 7884 if you are interested in Coco or email us on and quote ref 2006/03987.



1-2 years old

rescue dogsMikey needs firm but fair owners

Mikey is a 1 to 2 year old entire male Labrador cross. He came into Battersea Dogs and Cats Home as a stray in December 2006.

Mikey is a high status male who believes in rules and order, and needs firm but fair owners who feel confident dealing with him. Mikey has a sensitive side to him, but he is also a very excitable and playful dog who enjoys having fun.

He needs owners who have experience with boisterous dogs of large breeds and with an active lifestyle who are willing to follow an ongoing training programme. An adult household without any children or visiting children in a semi-rural or rural environment is essential.

Mikey is at Battersea dogs home London. Please call rehab on 020 7627 7884 if you are interested in Mikey or email us on and quote ref 2006 06528.