We take a look at 10 of Annie Tempest's most popular Tottering-by-Gently cartoons of all time.

25 years of Annie Tempest's Tottering-by-Gently

It’s 25 years since Annie Tempest first dreamt up the cheering and perspicacious Tottering-by-Gently cartoon strip that graces the back page of Country Life and, with its regular doses of common sense and wisdom, has become a much-loved feature over a quarter of a century.

Here, we reproduce 10 of Annie’s best loved works featuring Dicky, Daffy, their extended family and, most popular of all, their dogs, Slobber and Scribble.

This article was originally run in conjunction with a competition offering a chance to win a weekend house party for 12 people at Annie Tempest’s family home, Broughton Hall. The competition closed on March 28. If you want even more of Annie’s cartoons, you can pay a visit to tottering.com.

Food and diet. Daffy has a special relationship with her figure

Tottering competition

  1. 1. Food and diet. Daffy has a special relationship with her figure
  2. 2. The Dog Rules. Who can resist?
  3. 3. The Totterings know how to throw a party
  4. 4. Daffy joins in with a serious discussion on guns
  5. 5. The waters get choppy
  6. 6. Marriage guidance, Tottering-style
  7. 7. Mars and Venus mow the lawn
  8. 8. Daffy's logic
  9. 9. Dicky's idea of tact
  10. 10. The male and female characters: all you need to know about the sexes
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