Adopt a seal for Christmas

Nobody wants to be too flashy as another austerity Christmas approaches but an excellent idea for a present is to give an adoption for a year of some local animal, sealife or wildlife in need. The Wildlife Trusts website has a collection of local Trusts which offer different options for adopting everything from a seal to a water vole. You can also adopt a wildlife meadow or an ancient tree.

Recipients receive differing presents which can include certificates, free entry to the Trusts themselves and sometimes even a cuddly toy of the animal they’re adopting. This is an excellent present for children but adults love it too.

Meanwhile, read how you can adopt a beehive in our latest update on bee populations and the terrible year for the honey crop.

* Adopt a hedgehog
* Adopt an otter
* Adopt a water vole
* Adopt a dormouse
* Adopt a barn owl
* Adopt a bat
* Adopt a hare
* Adopt a bird
* Adopt a red squirrel
* Adopt a seal
* Adopt a tree, flower or habitat

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