Britain’s dream location? Home

A survey from Aviva has shown that for many people living in Britain, their dream property would be situated in the region in which they already live.

The research, conducted this year, concluded that nearly 30% of people overall admitted they are happy where they are, despite money not being an object for a move.

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 Living in Cornwall seems to be a dream for some UK homeowners

The research also revealed that the UK’s second favourite choice, after what was already home, would be Devon and Cornwall. 19% of those asked named it as the perfect spot for their dream property.

It would seem that those further away from London are the happiest with their situation, with over 50% of those living in the North West and Yorkshire choosing The Dales or the Lake District.

45% of Scots are happy where they are and 50% of those in Wales would also vote rural Wales as their dream destination.

Are you living in your dream region? 

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