Country Life June 8 – Celebrating the Queen

Make sure you look out for our special commemorative issue on June 8 to celebrate The Queen's official 90th Birthday

Country Life has put together a very special commemorative issue to celebrate the official 90th birthday of The Queen on Saturday, June 11.

Inside, on the week of The Queen’s official 90th birthday, we are celebrating her life and the things she loves best.

** What is it about corgis? The Queen’s favourite dogs have much to recommend them as a breed.

** A beautiful pictorial piece about the roses which have been named after Elizabeth II

** Everybody knows The Queen as a style icon, and to celebrate the fact we look back at her Ascot hats over the years, and consider the official portraits of her painted during her life so far.

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** Clive Aslet visits the Royal Yacht Britannia

** We delve into the symbolism behind the Royal Coat of Arms.

** Behind the scenes at the Tower of London

** The Queen lends her name and much of her time to many different charities and organisations – we talk to some of the more unusual warrant holders.

Plus much, much more inside in this very special issue of Country Life.