Pol Roger’s ‘Christmas’ advert completely ignores everything to do with Christmas

Champagne house Pol Roger have got in on the act with a new advert launched pre-Christmas – but they've turned expectations on their heads.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is a genuine tradition now, and has sparked a winter frenzy of adverts – each trying to out-cute each other, for want of a different term.

So how does a brand like Pol Roger get in on the act? You might think that they’d go for scenes of lovely Christmas parties with roaring log fires and snowflakes fluttering down just beyond the leaded windows of a country house.

But no. They’ve entirely ignored the season and produced an ad featuring their rather lovely bubbly as part of a picnic on a summer’s day. Talk about running against the herd.


It’s actually a very clever idea – yet another cosy indoor scene would probably have got lost in the stampede, but this made us sit up and take notice. And since it isn’t exactly a Christmas ad, they’ll be able to use it for a while rather than just a few weeks.

None of which is to say that the rest of the Christmas adverts aren’t worth watching, what with their heartwarming stories and terrific production values. With that in mind, here are our favourite adverts of Christmas 2017 so far:

The John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017, featuing Moz The Monster

The Barbour Christmas Ad 2017, featuring The Snowman

The Waitrose Christmas Ad 2017, featuring lots and lots of snow

The M&S Christmas Ad 2017, featuring Paddington Bear

The House of Fraser Christmas Ad 2017, featuring a lifelong story

The Aldi Christmas Ad 2017, featuring Kevin the Carrot

The Argos Christmas Ad 2017, featuring high-tech elves

The Asda Christmas Advert 2017, featuring food glorious food