PROMOTION: ESSE stoves and cookers

Ingenuity and heritage at the heart of 
ESSE innovation

With more than 160 years of British manufacturing experience behind it, master stove and cooker manufacturer ESSE continues to lead the field through innovation and ingenuity.

Its range cookers are constantly developing to meet the changing demands of the modern kitchen.

Today they are designed for modern control and absolute energy efficiency, with a host of eco-friendly specifications.

Two recent breakthroughs highlight just how ESSE continues to push the boundaries of efficiency and design.

The Lancashire-based manufacturer has recorded an industry first – with the launch of an ingenious electronic ignition system for wood burning stoves.ESSE ironheart woodburner

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AutoBlaze is simple to use – load your dry logs in front of the air jet, close the door, press the remote and the five to eight minute lighting cycle begins.

There’s no need for kindling and as well as being clean and safe it is also a great solution for ‘cold flue’ or poor draught installations.ESSE range cooker

Then there is ESSE’s latest industry-leading product – a 13 amp heat storage cooker that costs just £1 a day to run.

The ESSE EL 13AMP offers all the benefits of a traditional range cooker – you just plug it in and cook.

It has ESSE’s classic cast iron construction, heavy duty ovens, vibrant enamelling and the reassuring ‘solidity’ of its classic range cookers – plus modern, electric controllability and responsiveness.

And with no flue or external vents to consider, it can be positioned virtually anywhere, making it perfect for the modern home – and equally at home in the city as well as the country.

It has the quickest oven heating-up times in the market – from slumber to 200°C in less than 25 minutes – and independently controlled temperature settings.

The energy-efficient range cooker has two ovens, a full-width grill, cast iron hotplate, induction zone and a plate-warming cupboard.

The 13AMP joins the ESSE range of cookers and stoves that includes the iconic Ironheart, whose hand-crafted heritage style offers timeless appeal.

Available as wood, solid fuel or gas fuelled, with an optional domestic hot water model, it is a River Cottage favourite.

ESSE Sales Director Mark Blewitt says: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. And with the AutoBlaze system and the new 13AMP we are continuing to add to the tremendous choice that we offer our customers.”

Find your local ESSE retailer by visiting or calling 01282 813235.