The best wood-burning stoves

The Dovre 700, from BMF

£1,788 (0113-266 0096;

A combination of classic design and up-to-date technology. A separate ash pan makes cleaning easier, and the multi-fuel model is available with a fixed grate or riddling grate, and a clear or lattice window. The wood-burning version incorporates a clean-burn system approved by the Department of the Environment for use in smoke-controlled zones.

Heat output 12kw
Height 705mm
Width 700mm
Depth 585mm
Efficiency 75%

Dovre 700

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The Petworth, from Chesney’s

£1,566 (020-7627 1410;

Available in black, ivory, sage green, atlantic, terracotta and silver finishes. Also available as a 6kw multi-fuel stove.

Heat output 8kw
Height 634mm
Width 608mm
Depth 378mm
Efficiency 76%


The Exmoor, from Yeoman Stoves

From £695 (01392 474500;

The Exmoor is ideally suited for smaller rooms. A curved glass window gives a view of the roaring flames within.

Heat output 4.9kw
Height 520mm
Width 440mm
Depth 280mm
Efficiency 78% on wood; 85% on solid fuel


The Jotul MF 3,

from Jotul Stoves

£1,290 (01527 506010;

Cast-iron and black-painted only with a large open window. Burns wood and smokeless fuel. Optional extras include rear heatshield and short legs.

Heat output 10kw
Height 707mm
Width 577mm
Depth 484mm
Efficiency 79% on wood, 70% on smokeless fuel


Much Wenlock Classic, from Aga

£1,250 (0845 712 5207;

A medium-sized stove that burns both solid fuel and wood, with cool-touch handles and a boiler option. A large window offers a view of the flames.

Heat output 4.1-5.5kw
Height 700mm
Width 545mm
Depth 480mm
Efficiency 77%

Much Wenlock

The Dru 78, from Drugasar

£1,480 (0161-793 8700;

Built from Norwegian cast iron, it’s designed to withstand Scandinavian-style winters.

Heat output 11kw
Height 790mm
Width 765mm
Depth 590mm
Efficiency 75%


Or go bespoke

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