The twelfth dog of Christmas…Angus

The final dog in our Dogs Trust rehoming Christmas series is Angus the patterdale

Angus hasn’t had much luck being rehomed so we’re hoping that he will get some Christmas luck this year and find the perfect family to offer him a brand new home.

A very sweet boy, Angus can be worried by handling and it takes him a while to trust new people—but once you earn his trust, you have a friend for life.

With this in mind, Angus is looking for owners who can be patient with him and give him the time he needs to settle into his new home without expectations being placed on him too soon.

He would benefit from a calm and quiet home environment but would still love to have owners who would enjoy taking him on walks as he very much enjoys his exercise as well as playing with his toys.

Angus is a very intelligent boy who picks up on training—he will make a very dedicated and loyal companion, he just needs some help in feeling secure first.

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If you think that you can offer Angus the home he deserves, call Dogs Trust Evesham on 01386 830 613 or visit the website at