Foster Barry — men’s luxury clothing, made in Britain

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Address St Andrews House, 52 Manor Drive, London, N20 0DX

Foster Barry exists to sell men’s luxury garments, clothing and accessories online that are genuinely made in the British Isles.

There are many major retail brands that trade on their ‘British Heritage’, whilst paying little more than lip service to that heritage and making many product lines overseas.

Expressions such as ‘made in the traditional Jermyn Street style’ are often marketing statements, deliberately used to evoke the traditional skills of English shirtmaking – despite the fact that most of the shirts being sold are actually made overseas.

This is not to decry overseas products; many are of the highest quality workmanship. Charvet make fine French shirts and Brioni make luxury Italian shirts. It is a question of authenticity and true origin.

At Foster Barry, our product ranges are all luxury items, high quality authentic garments and accessories sourced from established British manufactories.

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