Rose of Jericho

Telephone 01935 83676
Address Horchester Farm Holywell Dorchester DT2 0LL

Rose of Jericho is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of traditional materials essential for the conservation, repair and decoration of historic buildings.

Building Conservation Experts

Rose of Jericho has been at the forefront of the building conservation industry for over three decades. Highly regarded for their commitment to the research, development, and supply of authentic materials, their specialist advice covers all aspects of the sympathetic decoration and repair of historic buildings. 

Handcrafted Products

Rose of Jericho paints, limewashes, lime mortars, and plasters are meticulously handmade to order in Dorset. Tailored for use in traditional buildings, they are created using only natural and sustainable ingredients, including artist-quality earth and mineral powder pigments selected from the best sources worldwide. 

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, the extensive palette of traditional and classic colours boasts a unique warmth and beauty, with subtle variations in colour and tone adding to their charm. A colour matching service, regularly used by many heritage bodies, can provide bespoke colours for individual projects.

Expert Advice

The Rose of Jericho expertise also extends to analysing historic building materials, offering impartial technical advice on various aspects of building conservation, and on the correct specification and use of limes, mortars, and other traditional decorative finishes. 

This unique perspective enables Rose of Jericho to provide authentic advice and quality materials to homeowners, professionals and craftsmen alike.

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