Studio Indigo

Studio Indigo is an acclaimed collection of dynamic architects and talented interior designers, based in Chelsea, London.  
Telephone +44 (0)2073491290
Address Unit 37 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, London, SW10 0QJ

With over 15 years’ experience, the studio is renowned for its award-winning architecture and crafting story-laden spaces that are deeply tailored and bespoke. Our multi-disciplinary approach seamlessly integrates Architecture and Interior Design, fostering a creative cross-pollination that guarantees buildings and interiors are realised to the highest-level detail. 

We understand context, architecture, comfort and space, with a strong belief the good interiors are the result of intuitive architecture. Every project is a unique design journey, a creative and imaginative exploration that is surprising and fun where our style is to listen and engage.


Unbound by stylistic constraints, we are always inspired by a projects’ setting and respectful of its past as we integrate location, architecture and heritage, resulting in timeless and characterful spaces.

While London is our home, our global presence is supported by our agile attitude and large, versatile workforce capable of bringing projects to life anywhere in the world.


Found by Mike Fisher in 2005, Studio Indigo has grown into a team of 50, earning accolades and a global reputation of bridging the gap between architecture and interior design. Our diverse team hailing from twenty countries and speaking seventeen languages, creates an inspiring environment. Their passion, care, thoughtfulness, and talent are why our work exudes character and design excellence.

Collaboration with our clients, contractors and artisans is at the core of our design process, fostering excellence that pushes boundaries and enriches our client’s lives.


Our diverse portfolio spans residential, commercial and yacht projects, offering a rich combination of experience and vibrancy. Working in projects both urban and rural settings, including the Cotswolds, Somerset and Surrey, we have a deep understanding of heritage and historical buildings. Our in-house conservation specialist ensures careful consideration of the intricacies of these buildings.

Our book, Studio Indigo: Architecturally Creative Interiors, was published in 2022 by Vendome Press.