CENA Outdoor

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Address CENA Outdoor, Manor Farm, Manor Lane, Peckleton, Leicestershire, LE9 7RJ, United Kingdom

CENA Outdoor is a British company designing and manufacturing bespoke, high-end outdoor kitchens and bars from its base in the peaceful Leicestershire countryside. CENA was founded in 2015 and has since worked with customers the length and breadth of the UK — CENA have recently completed outdoor kitchens for clients all over the UK in Scotland, England and Wales.

The company’s outdoor kitchens have been installed in rural, city and suburban homes from the lakeside garden of a large country home to the rooftop terrace of a contemporary villa and the petite garden of a Fulham townhouse.

Garden design by Sue Douglas. Photo: Sheila Sim

The evergreen popularity of outdoor kitchens

The demand for an upscaled outdoor living experience has grown year-on-year for the past 7 years, with many British homeowners looking to create a haven for relaxing and socialising in their garden. An outdoor kitchen is a hugely popular choice, enabling people to expand their cooking and entertaining space into the garden and access a different range of cooking appliances such as kamado-style grills, sear plates, rotisserie grills and wood-fired ovens.

Other CENA customers are less fussed about creating alfresco culinary masterpieces and more concerned with happiness, focusing on designing a space to gather their favourite people and giving them easy access to a gas grill, fridge loaded with cold drinks and some sociable bar seating. 

Garden design by Sue Douglas. Photo: Sheila Sim

Creating bespoke outdoor kitchens 

CENA works directly with clients who seek a beautiful, British-made outdoor kitchen for their garden, guiding them through the process of choosing the location and layout before focusing on materials and appliances. Other customers already have a location in mind thanks to an existing garden redesign and a very clear idea of the end result they are after, so then it’s the CENA designers’ jobs to bring that vision to life. The company’s approach is totally bespoke, and its customers can select from the widest range of cladding and worktop materials, appliances and design features available in the UK. 

CENA also partners with a range of businesses, including landscape designers, architects, property developers and garden designers, enabling them to add outdoor kitchens to their projects. Again, the CENA approach is flexible, with some projects already fixed in terms of aesthetics and designs, and in other cases the partner business looks to CENA to design an outdoor kitchen in keeping with the style of the overall project. 

CENA Glasgow Outdoor Kitchen


Garden design by Sue Douglas. Photo: Sheila Sim

Taking the next step towards your dream outdoor kitchen

The CENA promise to its customers is to always offer: 

  • Impartial advice – if our kitchens aren’t the right fit for you, their team will help you work out what you need, and signpost you to an alternative supplier.
  • Unparalleled choice – CENA has the widest range of cladding and worktop materials, appliances and design features of any outdoor kitchen designer in the UK. 
  • Complimentary consultation – anyone can book in for a chat with a CENA designer to see how the company can help, with absolutely no obligation to take it any further. 

The CENA team is passionate about outdoor kitchens and truly enjoys sharing expertise and ideas with customers. To learn more about CENA Outdoor and be inspired by the company’s past outdoor kitchen projects, please visit the website.