Mayfair International Realty

Mayfair International Realty is itself like a little black book of essential names. These names are the real local experts in property. From Thurso to Truro, and from Montenegro to Montecito, the Mayfair International Realty network has 468 offices in 16 countries, 3 continents and 7 time zones. And each office is full to the brim with local experts.
Telephone 0207 467 5330
Address Cashel House 15 Thayer Street London W1U 3JT

A World of Choice
Located in the heart of London’s West End, the Mayfair International Realty office provides a shop window to a world of exciting property opportunities. Whether it is a house in the Cotswolds, a lodge in the Highlands, a second home in the South Hams, a palazzo in Florence, a villa in Spain or a mid-century modern apartment in Miami, Mayfair International Realty has the right people on the ground to turn your property search from a thankless task to a voyage of boundless discovery and opportunity.

Homes with Zest
Those buyers looking for property with additional recreational facilities will discover experts who cover the worlds of horses, golf, skiing and yachting. Among our property teams are Olympic skiers, National Hunt winners, scratch golfers and serious sailors, all of whom can provide an unbeatable view from the course.

Just Add Water
A waterside location is one of the most singular requirements buyers have, and Mayfair International Realty with member offices in places like Lymington and Salcombe in the UK, Marbella in Spain, and Newport and Palm Beach in the USA, is a great place to start a property search when water is in the mix.

Work and Life in Balance
Since the pandemic, when so many lifestyles changed, homes that offer a good work-life balance have become more important than ever. With over 300 well-placed offices throughout the UK, and in cities such as Paris, New York, Boston and Washington DC, Mayfair International Realty has this covered. 

The First Step
The Mayfair International Realty world of property offers choice, influence and friendly professional advice. Our UK firms can also help with professional services such as RICS surveys, planning, rural land management and forestry. 

Call us for an introduction to just the right person in just the right place.

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