Address Shewsbury SHROPSHIRE

Shrewsbury, which is considered one of Britain’s great public schools, was founded by Edward VI in 1552 and occupies a graceful position in 100 acres high above the Severn, 10 minutes from the town centre; girls, who wear stylish tartan skirts, arrived in 2008 (they started at age 13 in 2014).

Salopian distinctions include the world’s oldest running club, The Hunt, and race (the Tucks), a Snowdonia cottage affectionately known as Tally and the ancient chained library, which contains the manuscripts of former pupil Charles Darwin. Private Eye founders Richard Ingrams and Willie Rushton, plus Michael Palin and Lord Heseltine, are also old boys. The new headmaster is Leo Winkley, a theology graduate, who comes from St Peter’s, York.

  • 800 pupils aged 13–18, co-ed, day and (mainly) boarding
  • £8,295–£13,040