Celebrate Apple Day 2010

October 21 is Apple Day. An annual celebration of all things apple, this year the nationwide frivolities have a pressing message to convey, with the recent news that two traditional apple-growing areas are in serious decline.

Apple orchards have declined in Britain by 63% since 1950 (with some areas particularly badly hit, such as Devon which lost 89% of its orchards between 1946-2003 and Kent which lost 92% during the same period).  

Initiated by Common Ground in 1990, Apple Day 2010 includes hundreds of local events across Britain, including a longest peel competition (www.commonground.org.uk/appleday/a-peel.html) and performances from the Apple Day poet laureate (www.commonground.org.uk/appleday/a-crowden.html)
For more information, or for information on how to get involved in local happenings in your area, go to www.commonground.org.uk/appleday