Country Life Cocktails

The sun may have failed to shine brightly and the rain may pour, but town mice will always find another way to celebrate summer. Fruity cocktails sipped on the (covered) garden terrrace at The Goring bring out the holiday sensation.

Tucked away between Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station, this family run hotel (the current CEO is the great-grandson of the founder) is a favourite of townies and country visitors alike. Recently, I had discovered that Mr Goring had been tearing around Britain finding the very best home-grown produce for its menus and it seemed only right that this celebration should extend to the bar menu.

So here it was that I found myself with the ­ all right, I’ll admit it ­ enviable task of tasting a variety of concoctions presented by the inventive Bar Manager, Brian Kinsella, and Executive Chef (resplendent in whites and

tall chef’s hat), Derek Quelch.

The Country Life Cocktail is now on the Goring bar menu and will change according to the seasons. For the late summer, you can sip enticing liquids infused with blackberries, raspberries, cucumber, lavender (perhaps not all at once) and, of course, a dash or two of vodka.

Here at you will find monthly updates on the latest cocktails and their recipes.

Even better, the Goring always provides its guests with complimentary canapes with their evening drinks, ‘because it’s what you would get if you went to a friend’s house’. Quite.

The Elderflower Martini

A traditional martini with a twist of elderflower cordial. The elderflower laces the martini in a summery manner. Surely James Bond’s first choice in hot weather.

The Berry Pick-Me-Up

A highball of blackberries, blueberries, fresh lemon juice and syrup with a dash of lemonade and a shot of vodka. Fruity and sweet, with a lemon edge to kick it into shape.

Country Spice

An old-fashioned tumbler with mint (preferably wild water mint, when it can be gathered), honey, lime, fresh ginger, a shot of Cox’s apple juice, crushed ice and vodka. It tastes deliciously refreshing – like an English

version of a mojito.

The Goring

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London SW1W 0JW

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