Rowan Jelly recipe

Rowan jelly is simple to make and so tasty with game

The Rowan trees are groaning with fruit and when you have had your fill of looking at their beauty, pick some and make some delicious rowan jelly. It tends to be slightly on the runny side, but its woody flavour and amber colour is delicious with venison, game and lamb. The low tree is easy to pick and the berries come in huge clusters.

2lbs of Rowan Berries


* Pick off the berries from their stalks and wash.

* Put the berries in a large pan filled with water and bring it to the boil and then simmer until the berries are soft and squishy.

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* Strain through muslin or a cotton cloth.

* Measure how much juice you have collected and pour into a clean pan.

* Add about 1lb of sugar (depending on your preference for sweetness) for every pint of juice.

* Stir over a low heat before bringing to the boil. When it reaches its setting point pour into sterilised jars.

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